Best Boozy Advent Calendars for Christmas 2022

by Mama Loves A Drink

Set yourself up mamas for a fun-filled December with these alcohol advent calendars

How can it be nearly December already? Whilst you might be madly ticking off the kids Christmas wishlists this month, spare a thought for a bit of daily mama’s time too.

To really get into the spirit of Christmas (pun totally intended!) we’ve been doing some advance shopping for the best boozy advent calendar options for 2022.

We have a great selection here of DIY advent calendars where the frame is provided ready for you to stack with your favourite goodies, as well as some pre-packaged goodies that come boxed and ready for you to sample throughout December.

Whatever your favourite tipple is, we’re sure there’s something in this selection of adults advent calendars to please.

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Adult Only Boozy Advent Calendars

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Best Pre-Filled Alcohol Advent Calendars 2022

If you want to take the guesswork out and have someone make the selection for you, these are the perfect pre-Christmas gift boxes and alcohol advent calendars to brighten up your month ahead:

Original Wine Down to Christmas

Nothing says it’s December more than a beautiful box of ready made wine bottles to count you down to Christmas. This delightfully Wine Down to Christmas festive box prepared by The Little Boys Room is packed full of daily Christmas goodness for the wine-lover with a mixture of reds, whites and roses in single serve sized bottles.

Their wine selection is updated every year for the perfect festive treat.

Wine down to Christmas boozy advent calenar from Little Boys room for sale on Not on The high Street top pocik alcoholi advent calendar from Mama Loves A Drink

Gin in A Tin 12 Days of Christmas

A superb way to see you through the 12 days of Christmas, this luxury gift box from Gin in a Tin will take you through 12 of their favourite varietals for 2022.

Gin in a tine 12 days of christmas gift set
  • Each tin 35ml 40% ABV
  • Made and shipped in the UK
  • Image by Gin in a Tin

Best of British Beer Advent 2022

Our beer lovers aren’t forgotten Christmas 2022, this pre-packaged box of craft beers from Best of British Beer includes a super selection of 330ml bottles from 12 different breweries across the UK for a broad ranging experience (forget that it says Dad’s on the box, we totally know our ladies love craft beer too!).

12 day advent calendar of Beer from Best of British Beer on Not on the High Street

The Whisky Advent Calendar 2022

The Whisky Advent Calendar From Drinks By The Dram – 24 wax-sealed drams to enjoy this December! A superb 2022 collection from Master of Malt, take your taste buds on a flight through single malt, blended, rye and more, sourced from distilleries worldwide.

3 different box designs for the 2022 Whisky advent calendar avaiabkle from Not on The High Street
  • 24 x 30ml
  • Select from 3 box designs
  • Ships in the UK only
  • Image by Master of Malt

Vodka Explorer Advent 2022

Another fine choice from Master of Malt, this one is for our vodka fans, the Vodka Explorer Advent comes with 24 x 30ml tastings. A wide variety from traditional modern vodkas to contemporary flavoured vodkas including Raspberry and Jaffa Cake – yum!

Vodka Advent Calendar from the Masters of malt available on Not on The High Street top alcohol advent calendar  in 2022 selected by Mama Loves A  Drink

Gin Bauble Advent

The perfect novelty touch for your tree, a 12 pack of baubles filled with gin to be hung and drunk in the count down to Christmas. Each glass bauble contains 50ml of delightful botanical flavours including; Golden Christmas Spiced Gin, Sloe Gin, Raspberry Gin, Ginger & Rhubarb Gin, Bramble Gin and Elderflower Gin.

gin baubles
  • Option of 6 or 12 x 50ml
  • Made in – ships internationally
  • Image by Mixpixie

The Rum Advent Calendar 2022

And last but not least our rum fans are not forgotten, an incredible worldwide selection of rums to warm you every night in the lead up to Christmas in this beautifully presented gift box by Master of Malt.

A rum advent calendar with women's hand holding a miniature rum sample

Best DIY Beer, Wine & Spirit Advent Calendars 2022

Set yourself up for a treat with these beautifully crafted and ready-to-fill boozy advent calendars for Christmas.

What we love about these DIY alcohol advent calendars is you can continue to use them year after year and stock them with your favourite seasonal goodies.

Miniature Spirits Advent Calendar

Keeping you on the nice list you only get a sip every second day (or leave the numbers blank and refill after 12 days), this handmade oak wheel comes flat packed and is easy to construct and fill with your own miniatures. It will easily fold down again to store for next year. This circular alcohol advent calendar is the perfect size for sitting on the mantlepiece.

  • Dimensions: 26cm Diameter
  • Made in Scotland, free UK delivery
  • Alcohol NOT included!
  • Image by StagDesign (feature image credit)

Oak Beer & Wine Advent Calendar

Also by Stag Design, this one is for your ale & wine lovers. The handmade oak tree comes flat-pack and constructs in seconds, capable of holding 24 bottles x approx 330ml. Personalise it as you please with an engraved name, this is an absolute winner in your lead up to Christmas!

Small beer bottle or wine bottle advent
  • Dimensions: 58cm H v 44cm W
  • Made in Scotland, free UK delivery
  • Alcohol NOT included!
  • Image by StagDesign

Wooden Wine Advent

This gorgeous miniature Christmas tree is pretty and practical, the perfect little living room addition for a thirsty mama! With 24 carved slots, you can for your own selection of mini wine bottles to enjoy each day of Christmas. Made from 6mm MDF wood, the slot design system makes it easy to take apart and store for next year.

Wine bottle advent calendar Etsy
  • Dimensions: 52cm (h) x 49cm (w) x 19cm (d)
  • Wine NOT included!
  • Image VKHofWorchester

Freestanding Christmas Tree Ale Holder Advent Calendar

One for those who prefer your drinks a little larger, this free-standing advent tree can hold 24 of your favourite 500ml ales, or bottles up to 250mm x 70mm wide. (Check out the full collection by Hennaby Rehnaz, there are all different Advent designs from wine to doggie treats and even Kinder eggs!)

Beer christmas tree
  • 24 x 500ml bottles
  • Approx 110cm H x 80cm W
  • Alcohol NOT included
  • Image by HennabyRehnaz

Wooden Wine Advent Calendar

Available in the US Amazon Handmade store, this cute custom advent tree holds 24 bottles perfect for your Christmas count down. Handmade in Missouri, you can customise with a choice of stains on this 1/4″ pine product. Easy slot system for dismantling and storing when not in use.

Prefer booze-free? Jump over here to check out this unique collection of tea advent calendars perfect for drinking in Christmas 2022

Boozy Chocolate Advents for 2022

Still can’t decide between traditional choccies and boozy treats? I think we have some answers for you to, Chocoholics!

Royal Des Lys Advent Christmas Calendar

Yes you can have your booze and eat it! A perfect advent calendar for the spirit lover now you can munch your way through 24 days of delectable treats. Fillings are concocted from Cointreau, Kirsch, Poire Williams, Cognac Camus, St James Rum and Whiskey Label 5.

Alcoholic chocolate advent calendar box from etsy

Gordons Pink Gin And Chocolate Adult Advent Calendar

Pink Gin AND Chocolate in 24 cute little squares, where do I sign up?! The perfect advent for the gin-lover, this premium advent from TilzCollection made in conjunction with Gordon’s Pink Distilled Gin is sure to please this December.

The chocolates are filled with the natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries, with a tang of redcurrant served up in a unique blushing tone. Try the Gordon’s Pink Gin with 50mlo of lemonade for a Gordon’s Pink Spritz to match your choccies.

Gordons Pink Gin Chocolate Advent Calendar
  • 24 Chocolate squares
  • 1 x 50ml Pink Gin
  • Made and ships UK only
  • Image by tilzcollection

We hope you found the perfect alcohol advent to suit your taste for Christmas 2022. Let us know in the comments if you get to try any.

Looking for more drink-lover gifts? Pop over here for our complete collection of Christmas 2022 gift guides perfect for Mamas who love a drink.

Mama Loves A Drink advocates quality over quantity. Always drink responsibly!

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