Best Battery-Operated Coffee Makers for Brews On the Go!

by Mama Loves A Drink

Prepare the perfect cuppa even with no electricity or stove with one of these battery operated coffee makers, for coffee on the go!

How do you make the perfect warming brew or icy caffeine treat when you’re away from home or have no electricity?

If you’re used to a great coffee maker at home, you may think that the lack of electricity is a dealbreaker when it comes to making good coffee.

However, after too many days spent drinking poor coffee at school events or lackluster cups of instant coffee while camping with the kids, we are happy to report we’ve found a solution: battery-operated coffee makers!

Battery-operated coffee machines are wonderful for those days when you don’t have access to electricity and you can use them in a variety of situations.

We looked a while back at the best types of camper coffee makers.

Today, we look at battery-powered coffee machines that you can use while away from a power source. Some are so portable you can bring them with you also on a day of errands!

Here are the best types of portable, battery-operated coffee makers you can invest in – they make great gifts too!

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What to Look for in a great battery-operated coffee maker

Before you invest in a battery-operated coffee machine, you need to think about the features it offers and how suitable it is for the use you are buying it for: camping, RV camping, occasional day out etc.

Let’s check out the factors that you need to consider at the time of buying a battery powered coffee maker.    

Power Source and battery life

Battery-operated coffee machines use different types of batteries. Some are disposable but some are rechargeable and come with a USB cord.

In either case, make sure the battery life is long enough to cover the time you need! There is no point in getting a battery-operated machine if it needs to be recharged by electricity too often.

Brew Time

You shouldn’t have to wait for your battery operated coffee maker on the go to whip up an aromatic cuppa. You certainly wouldn’t want the device to slow down your other adventurous activities, right? So look for a coffee maker that makes coffee within just a few minutes.

Brew Size

Remember that battery-powered portable coffee makers have a smaller capacity compared to regular coffee makers. You can usually get 1-3 cups from them because of their power source.

Battery Capacity

You might have made peace with the fact that your camping coffee maker won’t make large brew sizes because of its battery capacity. But a good coffee maker should be able to brew you around two batches after the batteries are changed or recharged.    


For a battery operated coffee machine to be travel-friendly, it needs to have a compact design so that it can fit into cars, RVs, etc. It also needs to be lightweight. A large and heavy coffee machine will be difficult for you to carry around during your journeys. 

Ease of Cleaning

While traveling, it might be challenging to get running water that you can use for cleaning your coffee machine. So you will need to choose a coffee machine that’s flexible in terms of cleaning. Pick a device that is not too high-maintenance and has a simplistic build.

Coffee Quality

Finally, you cannot expect your portable coffee brewer to make the excellent coffee that your espresso machine makes when it comes to coffee quality. That being said, you can find many battery operated coffee makers that do some justice to high-quality coffee beans.

It is also to be noted that most battery-powered coffee machines do not come with a heater and hence need you to source hot water too, or expect your brew time to take much longer with an “all-in-one” device.

Best Battery-Operated Coffee Makers   

Now that you know how to pick the right battery operated coffee makers, it’s time for you to take a look at the best coffee machines in this portable category. Check the list of coffee makers that you can purchase – and add the rich aroma of coffee to your trips!

ProductBrandKey FeaturesPrice Range
Imons Automatic Portable Coffee MachineTakes K-Cup pods
4xAAA batteries or USB-C charger cord
Can also heat the water - 20 minutes
$ - check pricing here
MOUNCHAIN Coffee Maker Portable Travel K-Cup BrewerTakes K-Cup pods
Requires hot water
$$ - check pricing here
Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee MakerPour Over
2x AAA make 100 cups
Requires hot water
$ - check pricing here
Gourmia GCM3250 Digital Touch Pour-Over Coffee MakerPour Over
19 oz brews
Requires boiled water
$$ - check pricing here
CONQUECO Portable Coffee MakerTakes Nespresso & similar capsules
Comes with a carry case
Can also heat water
Recharges every 2-3 pods
$$$ - check pricing here
KFLOW Portable Coffee MakerTakes Nespresso & similar capsules
50 cups with each charge
$$ - check pricing here
Makita DCM501Z Cordless Coffee MakerRuns off a 12V Battery
3x 5oz coffees
$$$ - check pricing here

Pricing: $ – under $50USD; $$ – $50 to $100USD; $$$ – Over $100USD

Best battery-operated K-Cup machine: Imons Automatic Portable Coffee Machine

Even if you’re new to using a battery operated coffee maker, you won’t have much trouble using the Imons Automatic Portable Coffee Machine. Once loaded with either coffee grounds or K-Cup pods, it works as a simple push of a button.

Load with hot water, if available, or let the Imons heat the water for you. It is also equipped with a self-cleaning function – you just have to hold the button for 3 seconds to initiate the cleaning process – great for when you’re on the move.    

What We Love:

  • Can be powered by both batteries and electricity (4 x AAA required or a USB-C to USB-C cord)
  • Sleek, portable, and easy to use and clean
  • Can be used with K-Cup tea pods too
  • A reasonably cheap purchase under $50USD, perfect for occasional use

What Could Be Better:

  • Power cord not included
  • Can heat water too but takes 15-20 minutes
  • Not the largest cup – 170ml/5.7oz

Runner Up: MOUNCHAIN Coffee Maker Portable Travel K-Cup Brewer

If you love K-Cup Americano coffee, MOUNCHAIN Coffee Maker Portable Travel K-Cup Brewer is designed for you! This personal battery operated coffee maker (2xAA – not included) is super lightweight and portable. It is the ideal travel buddy for hiking and camping, as well as long drives – with the proviso you need a means in which to boil your water.

It is a stylish device that is easy to use and can brew you 5-8 oz of coffee quite quickly. It is perfect for some delicious Americano coffee to wake you up while you’re traveling. This simple device fits anywhere and is a must-have for every coffee lover on the go!

What We Love:

  • Lightweight and compactly designed portable device (under 13 oz)
  • Personal coffee maker with a 240ml tank capacity
  • Can use both K-cup capsules and coffee grounds

What Could Be Better:

  • Hot water required as it doesn’t have a heater
  • The provided cup is quite small, you may still want to bring your own larger coffee mug

Best Battery-Operated Pour Over Coffee Maker. Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

Are you looking for a personal battery operated coffee maker while on the road? Then the Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker is an excellent and great value choice. What’s most exciting about the device is the automatic pour-over feature to simulate the routine of a barista!

Making coffee in this device is hassle-free, and you get great-tasting coffee every time. That’s because the device is designed to provide a precise coffee-to-water ratio. Its reusable filter can handle grounds of medium-fine, medium, and medium coarse sizes.

What We Love:

  • Extraordinary consistency and delicious flavor every time
  • Eco-friendly device that doesn’t need paper filters
  • Needs two x AAA batteries to make 100 cups of coffee 

What Could Be Better:

  • Only for personal use due to small capacity – 120ml may leave some coffee aficionados feeling a little disappointed
  • Does not boil water; requires pre-boiled water to make coffee

Runner Up: Gourmia GCM3250 Digital Touch Pour-Over Coffee Maker

To ensure that your deliciously roasted coffee grounds get the treatment they deserve, bring home the Gourmia GCM3250 Digital Touch Pour-Over Coffee Maker. Thanks to its scale, you will know precisely how much grounds and water to use for your perfect brew.   

With no guesswork in the equation, what you get is the true, rich flavor in every cup of coffee you make. What’s more, the ribbed walls of the filter holder further allow flavor extraction. This further complements the pour-over function to give you incredible flavor. 

What We Love:

  • Both Automatic and Manual Mode for easy operations
  • Brews around 19 oz of coffee in each round
  • Designed to give you an excellent taste of coffee

What Could Be Better 

  • Cannot heat water and requires you to boil water separately
  • Battery power used only for measurement purposes

Best Portable Espresso Maker. CONQUECO Portable Coffee Maker

Are you a fan of espresso coffee? Then CONQUECO Portable Coffee Maker can be an excellent option for you. This 12V coffee maker delivers 15-bars of pressure in a handy portable unit. It comes with a rechargeable battery so that you can make yourself a cup while traveling, camping, driving, or working in the office!

It works with Original Line Nespresso Capsules and many other compatible brands. All you have to do is put water and the coffee capsule in your battery operated coffee maker. From heating water to preparing your espresso – everything will be done by this nifty coffee machine on its own!

What We Love:

  • Lightweight and sleek design for better portability
  • Comes with both a car charger (12V 7A) and home charger (12V 2A)
  • Easy to clean, thanks to its auto-wash function
  • When using boiling water and only pulling an espresso shot (not heating) you can get 100 cups
  • Comes with an organizer case to carry the device

What Could Be Better:

  • Small capacity as it is designed for personal use only – each espresso shot approx 45ml
  • Recharging required after using 2-3 pods if you’re heating the water too; if you use with low battery you will get less than 15-bar pressure

Runner Up: KFLOW Portable Coffee Maker

A sturdy and durable coffee maker that can make you delicious coffee, no matter where you are – KFLOW Portable Coffee Maker can be the star of your trips. It is a mini coffee machine that can brew delicious coffee using both Nespresso pods and coffee grounds.

If you’re missing espresso coffee while traveling, this device is the perfect tool for you. It is small and light and is easy to carry. It comes with a rechargeable battery and can make up to 50 cups with each charge. It gives you easy access to good coffee – anywhere! 

What We Love:

  • Brews good coffee within 30 seconds
  • Lightweight and compact design for better portability
  • Powered by both rechargeable battery and electricity

What Could Be Better:

  • Doesn’t heat water and needs you to pour hot water to brew coffee
  • A slightly noisy device though the noise is not too much

Another type of battery-operated coffee maker to try: Makita DCM501Z Cordless Coffee Maker

Looking for a more heavy-duty cordless coffee maker? With Makita DCM501Z Cordless Coffee Maker, run on Makita 12V max CXT batteries and 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries you can take expert coffee making just about anywhere – think your backyard workshop or unpowered cabins.

This device doesn’t need paper filters. It will make a great cup using ground coffee or a single-serve pack. Every time you charge the battery, you can get it to brew you three 5oz cups of coffee. It has a small and ergonomic design, ideal for your back shed or workshop, though not as compact for travel as some of the other models we’ve look at here.       

What We Love:

  • Faster charging time compared to most other Makita coffee makers
  • Brews delicious coffee and provides hot water quickly and easily
  • Does not need paper filters due to the presence of drip filters

What Could Be Better:

  • More expensive than most portable coffee makers
  • Batteries not included, adding to the expense of using branded batteries
  • It is far from small and portable

We hope you enjoyed this selection of the best battery-operated coffee makers, ideal for a mama on the move (or when the power goes out!). Happy sipping and happy shopping!

Don’t forget to check out our complete collection of useful gift ideas for mamas who love coffee over here.

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