Mocktail Recipes Perfect For BBQ Parties

by Mama Loves A Drink

Alcohol free cocktail recipes perfect for BBQ and grilling parties

Mocktails are the perfect complement to a grilling meal.

They look amazing, taste great, cut through the rich taste of grilled food and can be enjoyed by everyone, meaning your non drinking friends can also feel part of the fun.

In this list, we bring to your delicious mocktails in different colours and taste that you can prepare on the spot or make head and displayed on an inviting drinking station.

They can be presented to look like their alcohol counterpart so make sure you mark them as alcohol free: you can use a pretty chalk board or mocktails menu to help your friends pick their own.

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Mocktail recipes for BBQ

These delicious mocktails recipes for BBQ parties look and taste delicious and are the perfect way to quench the thirst of your non-drinking guests in a fun and entertaining way.

You can serve them on the spot or make them ahead and arrange on a dedicated drinking station that will burst with color and flavor.

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