Best Dual Coffee Makers Perfect for Your Home

by Mama Loves A Drink

All you need to know to pick the perfect dual coffee maker for all your coffee needs.

As coffee lovers, we know how important to have coffee made just the way we like it.

Here on Mama Loves A Drink, we are passionate about bringing you the best coffee machines for achieving just that result however, no two coffee drinkers are alike, and even in the same household, taste can differ.

One of you wants a quick coffee to go, the other loves their drip brew: what do you do then?

No need to go investing in two different types of coffee maker for your home. Instead, you can buy a dual coffee maker!

Dual Coffee Makers are designed exactly for the family who like they’re brews in different ways.

One machine – multiple ways of enjoying a fresh brew.

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We are participants in the Amazon Associates program and other affiliate programs that earn us a commission when a qualifying purchase is made.

We are participants in the Amazon Associates program that earns us a commission when a qualifying purchase is made.

Why Purchase a Dual Coffee Maker?

What is a dual coffee maker?

In a nutshell, a dual coffee maker is a combination of a single-serve and carafe coffee machine.

So buying one saves you money, while you don’t need to fill your kitchen counter with multiple coffee makers.

The dual brewer is a fantastic choice if you have different coffee making needs in your household or if you like different types of coffee at different moments in the day.

What to Look for In a Dual Coffee Maker?

Assuming all dual coffee makers are the same won’t help you get your hands on the right machine.

Here are several factors to look for when buying the best two-way coffee machine.

Brew Options

What type of coffee do you prefer, espresso, latte, or cappuccino?

Choose a coffee maker depending on the type of coffee it brews. Moreover, some machines offer hot water on demand to help you brew other drinks.

Glass vs Thermal Carafe

Good dual coffee makers comes with a carafe, usually either glass or thermal.

A glass carafe should be your choice if you need a budget coffee maker and want to consume the coffee right away after brewing it.

As the name suggests, thermal carafes keep the coffee fresh for longer.

However, they tend to be more expensive than glass carafes.

They are the best choice if you make your coffee first thing in the morning and go back for a top up several times during the day.

They are also perfect for households with multiple coffee drinkers with different breakfast or coffee beark times.


A coffee maker with a programmable feature helps you set brewing programmes.

Some coffee brewers even let you set multiple programmess to make things convenient.


Dual coffee makers are countertop appliace.

Therefore, it is paramount to keep in mind the space you have before committing to buying one.

Some machines are big and heavy, whereas some occupy a little of the counter space. Have a look at bulk and weight to make sure you can handle it comfortably.

Carafe Capacity

The carafe should be big enough to brew the number of cups you want.

In this list, we covered some 10-cup coffee makers as well as some 12-cup coffee makers in this article.

Also, have a look at the capacity of the single-serve drip to make sure it caters to your favourite cup.

Ease of Cleaning

As coffee mamas, we know the task of cleaning a coffee machine is likely to land on us.

Therefore, we advocate for coffee makers that are easy to clean.

Fortunately, most branded dual coffee makers let you clean them within minutes.

Best Dual Coffee Makers: Reviewed and Compared

ProductBrandKey FeaturesPricing
Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Single Serve Coffee MakerK-cup, grounds or combo
12-cup pot
$$ - check price here
Cuisinart CHW-12P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker12-cup pot
Variety of colours
$ - check price here
Keurig K-Duo Coffee MakerGround coffee or k-cup
12-cup pot
$$ - check price here
Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed SystemHot and cold brew
6 brew sizes and 5 brew styles
$$$ - check price here
Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker12-cup pot
Ground coffee
$ - check price here
Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker12-cup pot
C-cup and ground coffee
$$$ - check price here
CucinaPro Double Coffee Brewer Station2 x 12-cup pots$ - check price here

Pricing guide: $ – under $100 USD; $$ – $100-$150 USD; $ – over $150 USD

Our Top Choice: Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach is here with an advanced dual coffee maker that’ll make your life easy.

It is a programmable coffee machine that lets you start a day with amazingly brewed coffee.

The bigger display helps you set a timer, and you get a notification when the coffee is ready.

In addition, it comes with a glass carafe that can accommodate up to 12 cups, making it a party-perfect machine.

The single-serve side of this machine is compatible with a K-pod, and brewing coffee can’t be more convenient.

There are two separate water reservoirs, and topping them up is a cakewalk.

The big button pad lets you choose between single-serve and carafe. In a nutshell, Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew is a fantastic dual coffee maker with adjustable strength. The machine is easy to clean and brews coffee with grounds and K-pods.

What We Love

  • It has a smaller footprint
  • You can quickly adjust the brew strength
  • The water reservoir indicator shows you the remaining water

Could be Better

  • It does not have a built-in grinder

Best value for Money: Cuisinart CHW-12P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

If spending a big chunk of money isn’t an option, Cuisinart CHW-12P1 is the way to go!

This classic-looking machine can brew classic coffee quickly using coffee grounds since it does not support pods.

With this coffee maker, you can brew amazing espresso and other types of coffee.

The machine has several buttons and a display, so you can set a timer and adjust the brew strength. However, the display is small on this one, possibly too small for some users.

The coffee maker lets you control the temperature of the carafe, so your coffee remains fresher for longer.

Talking about the single-serve side, it can accommodate a tall cup easily.

You also get hot water on demand to make tea or other beverages.

The big glass carafe helps you brew up to 12 cups in one go. Lastly, cleaning the coffee maker is easy, making it an ideal choice for every household.

What We Love

  • It keeps the brewed coffee hot for longer.
  • The built-in clean button cleans the machine quickly
  • You get hot water on demand

Could Be Better

  • The digital display is tiny

Best K-Cup Compatible Machine: Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

Coffee aficionados who need their coffee fast should consider Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker.

This machine has a minimalist design and occupies little space, which makes it great especially if you are buying for a smaller kitchen.

With a brewing capacity of 12 cups, Keurig K-Duo is perfect for everyday use as well as for parties.

The controls are the top for added convenience, and the digital display lets you set the timer.

Keurig ships it with a durable glass carafe, and the big handle helps you pour it with ease.

The single-serve side is K-pod compatible, so there aren’t any hassles of using a coffee filter.

Lastly, the machine lets you adjust the strength, choose the number of cups, and select between carafe and single-serve just with a click.

What We Love

  • You can keep the coffee warm for longer
  • Easy to understand and use
  • It supports multiple brew strengths

Could Be Better

  • Some users have reported that the carafe has leak problems

Best Versatile Coffee Maker: Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System

With Ninja CP307, you can brew coffee and tea quickly using the smart interface of this machine.

The coffee maker lets you customize the type of coffee you get, and you can choose the strength and the cup size on the go.

In addition, it can even brew iced coffee and tea, so you can beat the heat.

The thermal carafe keeps your coffee hotter and fresher, and, once cool, even goes in the fridge.

The machine has a big dial, which is great for those of us who do not love tiny buttons.

It supports six brew sizes and can keep the coffee warm for up to 2 hours.

In addition, the built-in fold-away frother makes the beverages extremely rich and creamy, and you get a barista-level experience at home.

What We Love

  • It can brew hot and cold beverages
  • You can pause the brewing process anytime
  • Even saturation for best flavorful coffee

Could Be Better

  • It cannot brew carafe and single-serve together

Budget Pick: Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 2-way brewer coffee maker is one of the most popular dual coffee makers from Hamilton Beach.

This is a budget machine with a dedicated reservoir for single-serve and carafe, so you can brew conveniently.

The machine lets you set the brewing programme, and you can choose the right brew strength just with a click.

The built-in display features a backlit and is clearly visible even in the dark.

The glass carafe can hold up to 12 cups and has convenient markings on the side.

The brew now button commences the brewing process, and the machine merely takes a few minutes to dispense piping-hot coffee.

Lastly, cleaning Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker is really easy, as the carafe is dishwasher safe.

What We Love

  • Sturdy built quality
  • Lesser buttons make the coffee maker easy to operate
  • It shuts off automatically after brewing coffee

Could Be Better

  • Average aesthetics

Best Compact Dual Coffee Maker: Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker is one of the best compact coffee makers you can get.

Compatible with K-pods and grounds, the machine can brew a variety of coffee drinks.

The thermal carafe that you get keeps the coffee hot for longer while keeping the flavour intact.

The control panel on the top has an easy to use digital display. Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker lets you choose strength, set timers, and select the cup size when brewing coffee.

Despite its compact size, this machine has a big ground basket, which can brew an entire 12-cup carafe in one brew cycle.

What We Love

  • It has an impressive design
  • The thermal carafe keeps coffee hot and fresh
  • You can choose from multiple brew sizes

Could Be Better

Best for Offices: CucinaPro Double Coffee Brewer Station

Making coffee for a crowd?

Then you should consider CucinaPro Double Coffee Brewer Station.

It supports carafes on both sides and can brew up to 24 cups of coffee, perfect for parties and large coffee mornings.

The coffee brewer has a simple interface that makes it very easy to use. Just add the grounds, pour water into the reservoir, and activate the machine using the red button.

The machine starts beeping after the coffee is ready!

The big water reservoir window tells you when the machine needs refilling, and you can keep brewing delicious coffee. You can control the heating elements individually if fewer cups of coffee are required.

Lastly, cleaning this coffee machine is quick and easy: a great pick for busy households!

What We Love

  • It comes with a reusable filter and scoops
  • The carafes are durable and light
  • You can brew 24 cups in a single batch

Could Be Better

  • You cannot set a program or select the brew strength.

We hope you’ve found the best flexible dual coffee maker to meet your needs from this online selection. Versatility can be key to enjoying a brew in a busy household!

Love coffee? Find all our favourite coffee recipes in our Coffee Connoisseur section!

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