How to choose the Best French Press Grinder

by Mama Loves A Drink

All you need to know to choose the best French press coffee grinder and get a perfect cuppa every time.

Grinding your own coffee beans is the best way to keep control of the taste of your coffee. It is also a lot easier than it may seem!

All you need is the right equipment.

In this buying guide, we look at the best coffee grinders for French Press, why they are worth buying and what to look for when picking one for your household.

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French press grinder

We are participants in the Amazon Associates program and other affiliate programs that earn us a commission when a qualifying purchase is made.

We are participants in the Amazon Associates program that earns us a commission when a qualifying purchase is made.

What to look for in a good French Press Grinder

Available in a wide range of options, French Press grinders have made coffee aficionados’ lives easier.

Just pop in the beans, grind, and you are just one step away from relishing a flavorful cup of French Press coffee.

But to attain that, you need the best coffee grinder for French Press, and here are some considerations to make.

Why Grind? How Fine Should Be the Grind for a French Press?

Popular coffee brands have a plethora of pre-ground options available, so why grind?

Well, grinding the beans right before brewing gives you total control over the output, and all the flavors of the bean remain intact.

The ideal grind size for French Press varies from medium to coarse, which means it depends on your personal preference. And you can adjust the grind size quickly with a good coffee grinder.

Essential Features of a Coffee Grinder for French Press

When comparing different types of coffee grinders, these are the key features we recommend you look for:

Size of the Bean Hopper

The bigger the hopper, the more the beans it lets you grind in one go! Choose the hopper capacity depending on your requirement.

Adjustable Grind Setting

Not everyone is a fan of fine grind, and you can switch to the coarser setting quickly with good grinders. Unfortunately, the adjustable setting is only available in burr grinders and not in many blade coffee grinders.


A noiseless coffee grinder for French Press lets you grind the bean without disturbing others. Go for grinders that aren’t loud, and do the job quietly.

Ease of Cleaning

Just like the press, a grinder also needs cleaning after every brewing session. Therefore, your choice should be a grinder that’s easy to clean.

Blade Grinders vs Burr Grinders

A burr grinder grinds the coffee beans by crushing them using a metal or ceramic burr, whereas a blade grinder uses a sharp blade for the purpose. You get a better grind with the burr grinders, but they are expensive than their blade counterparts.

Manual vs Electric

If you don’t have the patience and need to brew coffee immediately, there is no better choice than electric grinders. On the other hand, manual grinders reward you with the freedom to grind anywhere since the French Press also does not need electricity for brewing coffee.

Stainless Steel vs Ceramic

The oil present in the beans remains intact when ground with ceramic blades. The reason is lesser heat production as compared to stainless steel blades. Unfortunately, ceramic grinders aren’t that durable like stainless steel, so handle with care, or opt for a steel one instead.

7 Best French Press Coffee Grinders

ProductBrandKey FeaturesPricing
Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic burr mill
18 grind settings
Up to 32 cups
$$ - check prices here
JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder Manual ceramic burr mill
18 Settings
Portable and quiet
$$ - check prices here
Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder MillElectric blade grinder
Also works on spices and seeds
$ - check prices here
SHARDOR Coffee Grinder ElectricElectric blade grinder
Makes up to 9 cups
Also works for nuts, peppers, spices
$$ - check prices here
Bodum BISTRO Blade GrinderElectric blade grinder
Makes up to 8 cups
$ - check prices here
Hamilton Beach 10oz Electric Coffee GrinderElectric blade grinder
5 settings
Makes up to 14 cups
$ - check prices here
Breville BCG820BKSXL Smart GrinderStainless steel conical burr grinder
60 settings
Fully automated with LCD Display
$$$ - check prices here

Pricing guide: $ – under $30USD; $$ – over $30USD; $$$ – over $100 USD

Our Top Pick: Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Folks who entertain a posse every day should go for Cuisinart DBM-8 since it has a huge bean hopper and can grind a big batch in a single swoop. The automatic electric grinder comes with 18 grind settings, so you get complete control over the grind size.

The high torque motor spins quickly, and the burr grinder thwacks the beans, transforming them into the uniform grind. As the hopper is removable, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it.

In addition, the machine has a 4 to 18-cup slide dial, so you only get the amount of coffee grounds required for brewing. Finally, the stainless-steel chamber hides the cord and makes the kitchen counter look clutter-free.

Lastly, the French Press coffee grinder has a built-in timer, so you wake up to freshly ground beans that are ready for brewing French Press coffee.

What We Love

  • It is robust and sturdy
  • It lets you grind ultra-fine to ultra-coarse beans
  • Shuts off automatically, so no hassles of current-related damages


  • Traveling with this grinder is a pain

Best Manual Coffee Grinder: JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

If your day doesn’t start without coffee, you must be looking for JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder. Take it out from your pouch, pop in the beans, and rotate the handle to start grinding, it’s as easy as it sounds.

It’s a burr grinder with ceramic assembly, so expect it to provide a fine grind with ultimate uniformity. In addition, you can quickly adjust the grind size by rotating the hexagonal handle.

The best part about JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is that it’s noiseless. However, cleaning this manual French Press grinder isn’t a cakewalk and takes some time. Lastly, it can only grind beans for one or two cups, so choose wisely.

What We Love

  • Patented ceramic burrs are built to last
  • The stainless-steel encasing is highly durable
  • You can choose from 18 grind settings

Could Be Better

  • It takes time to grind and only grinds in small capacities

Best Electric Coffee Grinder: Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder

If you need an electric grinder but something cheaper than a burr mill, Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Coffee Grinder is your way to go! Inside the plastic shell, there is a robust blade ready to grind the beans for you.

The powerful motor lets you grind beans with perfect consistency and precision. You can quickly select the grind size required to brew your favorite French press from fine to medium to medium and coarse.

The plastic body seems durable, and the blades also last longer. You’ll certainly love the design, as it takes minimum counter space and looks cute.

However, the only downside is limited adjustability and frequent cleaning of the steel blades.

What We Love

  • It grinds the beans with precision
  • You can use it to grind herbs and spices
  • The blades last longer and are efficient

Could Be Better

  • Limited grinding adjustments

Also consider: SHARDOR Coffee Grinder

Here’s another coffee bean grinder that’ll make your life easy by helping you grind beans within a minute. Just press the chamber down, and the blades will start grinding the bean, there aren’t any hassles of pressing a button.

The collector bin is inside the chamber, so there is zero wastage, and you can grind beans for up to 9 cups in one go. The electric blade grinder uses a 200W motor that spins the blades rapidly and can reach up to 2100 RPM for high grinding efficiency.

Cleaning the coffee grinder is a cakewalk, as it is dishwasher-safe. There are no grind adjustment settings, as it is a manually operable machine, but you can learn to control the grind.

What We Love

  • The stainless-steel collector is removable for ease of brewing and cleaning.
  • The robust blades grind the beans quickly
  • It’s dishwasher safe

Could be Better

  • It’s a loud grinder

Best Compact Coffee Grinder: Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder

If you need something as compact as a French press, choose Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder. The device easily fits in your backpack, so you can grind and brew anywhere and anytime.

The blade electric French Press grinder has a strong motor that spins at a constant RPM and grinds precisely. The push-button control lets you adjust the grind size, and you can make coffee to your liking.

Cleaning the grinder is not a hassle, as the blade is removable, and you can give it a deep cleaning. There are no advanced features, which make this grinder perfect for the elderly in the house.

Unfortunately, the hopper is not that large, so you can only grind beans in small batches.

What We Love

  • It gives you consistently ground coffee
  • This is the most stylish and handy electric blade grinder
  • The motor does not overheat quickly

Could be Better

  • The ground collecting chamber is small

Also Consider: Hamilton Beach 10oz Electric Coffee Grinder

This device from Hamilton Beach is a no-wastage bean grinder since it lets you select the number of cups you want to brew. Grinding the bean can’t be more convenient, all you need to do is pour the beans, and wait for a few minutes.

The stainless-steel chamber makes the grinding process efficient and safe. Furthermore, the device lets you choose from five settings from coarse to medium and fine.

Hamilton Beach 10oz is a pretty big device and can grind for up to 14 cups at once. There’s no denying that the motor is loud since it has to grind a big batch of beans.

Cleaning the grinder is quick, and you can take some help from the dishwasher. Be gentle to the blades, and you can use this device for a long time to grind coffee beans conveniently.

What We Love

  • It does the job pretty quickly
  • Choosing the grind size is easy
  • The stainless-steel collector chamber does not overheat

Could be Better

  • The motor could have been a little quieter

Best Precision Burr grinder: Breville BCG820BKSXL Smart Grinder

Breville is here with a smart conical burr grinder that lets you grind with unparalleled precision. The digital display shows the grind time, number of shots, and grind size, so you never go wrong with the selection.

There are 60 grind settings onboard, and you can switch between them by rotating the dial. As it is a burr coffee grinder, there is very low noise, and you can grind beans without disturbing others.

Breville ships this grinder with all cleaning accessories, but the cleaning is a little challenging, said some users. Overall, the device makes grinding simpler. However, you need to place a collector or chamber under the dispenser.

What We Love

  • You can start/pause the grinding process anytime.
  • It grinds the beans quickly with ultimate precision
  • It has a massive bean hopper

Could Be Better

  • Choosing the right grind size is difficult
  • Significantly more expensive than other models

We hope you enjoyed this selection of the best French Press Coffee Grinders for home that you can buy online.

We understand the choices can be overwhelming at first, but we hope you’ll find the perfect grinders for your coffee-loving needs in this selection. Happy sipping and happy shopping!

You can find more of our favourite drink products for mamas here!

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