Can You Froth Coffee Creamer?

by Mama Loves A Drink

Can you froth coffee creamer? Learn if and how you can froth coffee creamer for a perfect coffee every time.

Creamer and a luscious froth add a little extra helping of luxury to your coffee: but can you combine the two things?

If you follow Mama Loves A Drink, you may already know how to froth milk and you may even have invested already in a good milk frother; however, you may be wondering if you can use the same machine for frothing coffee creamer.

In this article, we look at

  • What exactly is coffee creamer
  • How coffee creamer differs from using milk or milk alternatives
  • How you can froth coffee creamer

We take you through the best way to use a coffee creamer to make a proper frothy coffee, no matter what tools you have at hand, so you can drink your coffee, just as you like it, every time!

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What is coffee creamer – And why would you want to add frothed creamer to espresso drinks?

Lots of people are devoted black coffee drinkers, some even think that using milk or creamer distracts from the pure, bitter taste of the coffee itself.

If you’re in the ‘smooth coffee camp’, however, you’ll probably want to add milk or creamer to your coffee to give it that velvety texture. 

Coffee creamers are milk-based products you can add to your coffee to get a creamier, less bitter taste.

They come in a powdered or a liquid form, they are less caloric than milk or cream and much easier to use at home!

The powdered versions are popular as they can be stored easily for a long time, whereas the liquid versions have gained popularity due to their wide range of flavourings: hazelnut, caramel, chocolate… you name it!

Topping up your espresso drink with coffee creamer froth will give your drink that real coffee shop taste and with the all-important foam, in the comfort of your own home.

There are a variety of ways to achieve that lovely frothy top using milk, but you might be surprised to learn that you can also froth liquid coffee creamer or even powdered coffee creamer!

Will the results be as good as fresh dairy milk on your coffee though? Let’s take a closer look:

How is creamer different to milk and milk alternatives?

There are several differences between coffee creamer and fresh milk.

  • Coffee creamer is not intended to be used on its own: it is specifically made to complement your coffee and it, therefore, is less versatile than milk or plant-based milk alternatives.
  • Coffee creamer comes in a much wider variety of flavours than milk, making it perfect if you like to change up your coffee drink or if you love to entertain and want to offer options.
  • Coffee creamers are usually lactose-free, which can be good for people who are lactose intolerant. Do, however, double-check ingredients and some contain milk proteins and are unsuitable for people with severe milk allergies.
  • Due to its creamy texture, coffee creamer adds not just taste but also texture and depth.
  • Coffee creamer has a much longer shelf life than fresh milk: it is easier to store and lasts much longer, meaning you don’t have to replenish your stock quite as often. They’re great for keeping in a vacation home or your camper, for example.
  • Coffee creamers tend to be very sweet: keep this into account if you are keeping an eye on your sugar intake and taste before you add any additional sugar or sweetener.

Using coffee creamer to create the perfect creamy foam is easier than you might think and there are several ways you can achieve it. Let’s look at them one by one and check out the pros and cons.

Method 1: Using a handheld milk frother to froth up your coffee creamer

Can you use coffee creamer in a milk frother? It’s a commonly asked question and the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’.

A milk frother is a fantastic little tool. You just press a button and wait for your lovely frothy foam to appear!

It produces froth by introducing air into the milk/creamer to make it lighter and airier. It changes the visual appearance of the milk, making it into lovely white foam.

A milk frother can expand the milk by up to 2 to 3 times and the frothed milk tends to hold its shape after you have finished frothing which is great for ensuring that it rests on top of your drink.

There are a variety of milk frothers on the market. Most commonly you’ll find battery-operated frothers which work via a whisk attachment; however, there are also electric milk frothers that take all the hard work out of it.

How to froth coffee creamer with a handheld milk frother

These handheld tools are so simple to use.

  • Just insert the wand into your liquid coffee creamer (if using powdered creamer you would first need to liquify with boiling hot water), press the button and then move the wand up and down gently incorporating the air into the liquid.
  • In two to three minutes’ time, you’ll have a beautifully finished froth. 

Pros: These tools are portable, meaning you can have your frothy, café-style coffee wherever you are. 

Cons: Unfortunately these devices don’t heat the foam so you’ll need to heat your coffee creamer up first if you prefer a hot froth.

Method 2: Froth creamer with an espresso machine steaming wand

If you have an espresso machine, then you’re in luck!  There will likely be a frothing or steaming wand already attached to it.

The wand has a thin nozzle at the end which pushes steam out and into the drink. The bonus here is that because of the temperature of the steam, it both warms the creamer and froths it. Result!

Pros: Using an espresso machine is fast and efficient and will give you a reliable outcome each time (plus you’ll have your perfectly made espresso ready to add the frothed creamer).

Cons: These machines cost more than smaller lower-tech tools, so make sure you’ll get your money’s worth by using them regularly.

You can check out all the best espresso machines we recommend for latte drinkers here

Method 3: Get froth by whisking your coffee creamer

If you prefer to take a low-tech approach, then whisking might work well for you.

  • Heat your coffee creamer in a small saucepan over low heat.
  • When it reaches your desired temperature, remove it from the hob and get whisking. An electric whisk at a low speed is the best approach but the effect can be achieved using a hand whisk… it will just take quite a bit more time and effort.

Pros: Most of us have a whisk at home so this technique allows us to get frothing without spending any additional money.

Cons: This method requires time and attention and similar to the handheld frothing wand, you’ll need to pre-heat your creamer. Can be difficult with the small amount of creamer in a single serve.

Method 4: Frothing coffee creamer with a French Press

Lots of people are surprised to learn you can froth your creamer in a French Press but it’s actually pretty simple!

  • Fill the French Press with pre-warmed creamer, up to about ¼ full.
  • Pop the cover back on securely and pump up and down for about 30 seconds. Because the French Press is transparent, it’s easy to keep checking the consistency of the foam as you go. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly your coffee creamer expands.

Pros: You’ll be using a piece of kitchen equipment you probably already have, so again there’s no need for additional expenditure. Turns out the humble French Press can do more than we gave it credit for!

Cons: You’ll need to thoroughly clean your French Press before you use it to make your next espresso.

Method 5: Froth coffee creamer with a mason jar

The most basic of the five techniques for creating coffee creamer foam is to use a mason jar.

  • Pour your cold or lukewarm (not too hot or you won’t be able to hold the jar!) creamer halfway up the jar.
  • Fasten the lid super tight and then get shaking. Approximately 45 – 60 seconds should give you a nice foamy finish. Take off the lid, and using a spoon, place your foam onto your hot coffee.

Pros: This method is super easy and inexpensive.

Cons: You can’t pre-heat your creamer very much at all using this technique as the jar will be too hot to touch while you shake it.

So will you be frothing your coffee creamer?

So there you have it, YES your favourite coffee creamer can work as a fresh milk substitute in milky espresso drinks.

Is it BETTER than using milk or plant-based milk alternatives in your coffee? We’d say the jury is still out!

We personally still prefer “the real thing” and think you have far better control over the final product and the texture of the foam, but we known many coffee creamer fans are equally pleased with their frothy result and flavour.

Over to you! Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried frothed creamer, were you happy with the results?

Learn more about all our favourite brews and get help with deciphering coffee jargon over on the Coffee Connoisseurs section of our website – happy brewing mamas!

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