Delicious Non-alcoholic Christmas Drinks You’ll Love

by Mama Loves A Drink

Non-Alcoholic Christmas drinks ideas perfect to involve in the celebrations all those who say no to alcohol.

Past are the times when not drinking alcohol meant missing out on all the fun! With a bit of creativity, it is perfectly possible to cater for the non drinkers at your party with drinks that are fun to look at, festive and delicious.

Whether it’s for the pregnant ladies and non-drinkers in your group to join in the cheer or to add some festive twists for the kids to join in aside your Christmas cocktails, you’ll love this selection of non-alcoholic Christmas drinks.

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Eggnog non alcoholic drinks for christmas

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Many traditional Christams drinks are alcoholic in nature however, it is possible to also present them in alcohol free versions. The tastes aren’t always identical but they don’t need to be to deliver a festive taste, look and feel. Here are some recipe ideas to try,

Eggnog is a great place to start for a non-alcoholic Christmas recipe. A Christmas classic and a favorite with adults and kids, this eggs, sugar and milk drink is a firm festive favorite and non alcoholic Christmas beverage also non alcohol drinkers can enjoy.

A citrus spritzer – super simple to make, mixing just citrus juice and soda, this is a brightly colored drink that, presented in a flute, is as beautiful and festive as a bellini!

Sparkling Honey Vanilla Blood Orange Mocktail – Orange is one of the most traditional Christmas flavors and in this version, it gets a delicious and refreshing twist thank to the addition of honey and seltz. Serve in a tumbler glass and decorate with a sliced of orange for the biggest visual impact

Peppermint Julep – you can make a non alcoholic mint julep swapping the traditional bourbon with non alcoholic ginger ale for a twist on a classic

Sparkling Berry Apple Mocktail – apples are, like oranges, a traditional Christmas flavor that can easily be incorporated in non alcoholic drinks offering to your guests.

Gingerbread Latte – for a warming drink, you can be sure to please your guests with a festive twist on a classic with a gingerbread latte made with espresso, frothy milk and Christmas spices.

Winter Sangria – Did you know you can make a non alcoholic sangria using chai tea instead of wine? You can and the result will please many!

Cranberry Pomegranate “Bellinis” – it may not taste like a bellini once you take away the prosecco but it can sure look good and taste delicious with the punch of red given by seasonal pomegranate seeds

Grinch Punch – a cute and colourful, and as the name might suggest very green alternative to our adults Christmas Punch.

Sparkling Spritzer – It may look like a glass of wine, but this mix of non-alcoholic sparkling wine soda, ginger ale, and lime juice is a great substitute for a sparkling cocktail.

Mama Loves A Drink advocates quality over quantity. Always drink responsibly!

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