The 2022 Cocktail-Lovers Essential Gift Guide

by Mama Loves A Drink

Cool cocktail glasses and barware are a big part of the cocktail ritual and a fun and easy way to upgrade your cocktail sipping experience at home during a quiet night with a friend or a house party.

If you are buying for yourself or a cocktail loving friend, we are sure you will love these cocktails essentials and cocktail inspired gifts for cocktail lovers.

You may also be interested in our complete guide to essential tools for your home cocktail bar, as well as our extensive collection of classic and crafted cocktail recipes you can try at home.

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Cocktail lovers gift guide

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Best Gifts for Preparing Cocktails

Mixology Bartender Kit

We simply had to start with this kit that has seen us through many endless months of quarantine and home schooling.

Sick of sifting through the utensils draw looking for the right pieces? This all-in-one cocktail kit by Mixology & Craft has all the most essential tools any amateur mixologist will need to concoct their own cocktails at home – and looks exceptionally nice as a display piece you’re proud to keep on the shelf. A beautiful and memorable gift for your cocktail-lover, it also comes in a smart presentation box.

Hammer Stahl Bar Knife 

One item that we usually find amiss in a prepackaged cocktail set is a premium bartenders knife. What makes it different from your regular kitchen knife we hear you say? Specially crafted in Germany for bartender use, the uniquely shaped blade is ideal for creating garnishes through to spearing olives so there’s less handling involved, this is an absolute home bar essential.

Zulay Premium Quality Metal Citrus Press

Another frequently used bartender tool all too often missing from a cocktail kit is a good quality citrus squeezer. Freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice are always going to be far superior to reconstituted juices off the shelf, and these citrus squeezing tools will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Godinger Bicycle Barware Set

Bringing some fun to your cocktail-lovers barware, this novelty bicycle set of barware from the experts at Godinger.

  • Includes jigger, strainer, corkscrew, bottle cap opened, 6 coasters, 6 picks

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

Really ready to up your cocktail-lovers home bar? This is the deluxe gift of the season to get them excited! Similar to your home espresso pod machine, the cocktail maker takes all the guess work out by simply loading your cocktail capsule and programming your desired strength.

  • 12.75 x 13.25 x 12.5 inches
  • Ships internationally – the alcoholic capsules and other drink ingredients are sold separately

Camp Cocktails

Who says you need a whole cocktail bar on hand to enjoy your favourite drop? We love this collection of recipes by Emily Vikre, a drink enthusiasts guide to cocktail making outside.

From backpacking to luxury glamping, the author takes you on a journey through resourcefully packing and transporting your spirits to heartwarming recipes perfect to wow your friends around the campfire.

Gather Around Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Remember cocktails are for the whole year, not just for Christmas! This delightful collection of holiday recipes will see you through a full year of celebrations from around the world.

Written by Aaron Goldfarb, there is something to suit every celebration, big and small! Fabulous recipe ideas and makes a great talking piece on the coffee table too.

  • 135 Pages
  • Ships internationally

The Drunken Botanist

A cracking great gift for getting to grips with what’s actually IN your favourite drinks! Where others just share recipes and techniques, this is the perfect book for cocktail lovers who are inquisitive on the hows and whys!

From the obscure to the extraordinary, a thoroughly well researched book by Amy Stewart that should be a must on the bookshelf of any drinks connoisseur. It might just change your approach to gardening too!

  • 400 pages
  • Available in kindle, Audiobook and hardcover
  • Author Amy Stewart

The Spirit Infusion Kit

Fancy trying some infusions? Amateurs to connoisseurs alike will enjoy experimenting with this beautifully presented kit.  As well as a 1L infusion jar, 750ml liquor bottle, funnel & strainer, the kit includes a recipe and instruction book to get you started creating your own colourful and tasty infusions, perfect for creative cocktail making.

Cocktail Bitters Set

The perfect gift for the cocktail connoisseur who loves getting a little creative behind the bar. This wonderful sampler pack gives you 5ml in each vile, perfect for that delicate finish of aromatic bitters and really spicing up the simplest of drinks to be something special.

A row of small bitters flavouring to add to cocktails from Etsy
  • 9 x 5ml bottles
  • Made in – ships internationally
  • Image by bodysoulsoap

Cocktail Recipe Book

Every home mixologist knows the joy of finding that perfect formula – followed by months of trying to recreate the magic because they didn’t write it down! Fear not, cocktails-lovers, we have the solution!

This beautifully presented cocktail collection notebook makes the ideal classy compliment to a home bar. Personalisation touches can be added and choose the style of paper you want, be it grid, lined or blank – we all have our preferences! A ring bound collection to keep your best ideas at hand.

Cocktail colletions bound notepad for cocktail bar and recipes from etsy
  • Choose from A4/A5 and the type of paper
  • Made in Ukraine- ships internationally
  • Image by SkinWoodWorkShop

Cocktail Smoker Gift Pack

Ever wondered how to make those mystical smoking cocktails, or those hauntingly beautiful Halloween drinks? All the tips and tricks revealed when you invest in this cocktail smoker set.

Inclusive of the butane torch, cocktail smoke stack, screen, 3 flavoured powders and a carrying case, the patented 2-piece design can work on any glass

etsy cocktail smoking gun with a steaming glass of liquor
  • Made in USA – ships internationally
  • NB cannot ship with the butane, purchase separately
  • Image by TheCraftyCocktail

Best Gifts for Serving Cocktails

Now our drinks are prepared, let’s get on to some stylish ways to serve your cocktails.

Libbey Mixologist 18-Piece Bar in a Box Cocktail Set

The perfect gift for someone just starting out with their home bar of moving into a new home. This assorted glassware set includes 4 x 13.5 oz cooler glasses, 4 x 12oz margarita glasses, 4 x 10.5oz footed poco glasses, 4 x 2oz shot glasses and a 16 oz mixing glass – your cocktail makers needs all sorted in one box!

Bloody Mary Cocktail Branches

Sure to not only wake you up but these Bloody Mary garnish sticks are also sure to be a talking point at brunch. Made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel they bound to add a beautiful and elegant touch to not only your Bloody Mary cocktails but other cocktails commanding of beautiful garnish. An excellent idea for a cocktail-lovers stocking stuffer.

  • Dimensions 8.25″ H x 3″ W
  • Made in the US – ship internationally
  • Image by Martha Cornwell

Telescoping Reusable Straw

Perfect for our cocktail makers on the move – many bars have still not quite caught on to the reusable straw deal so no harm if you BYO. This extendable, stainless steel straw with pocket-sized carry case easily slips into your handbag so no excuse not to be environmentally friendly wherever you’re out and about sipping your cocktails!

  • Dimensions: Carry Case: 4.5″; straw extended: 9.5″
  • Ships internationally
  • Image by Uncommon Goods

Long Island Iced Tea Glass

No more scuttling about looking for recipes, make the perfect Long Island Iced Tea every time with your measures all marked out ready. Particularly handy for slightly more complicated recipes, you’ll find similar glassware from Drinking Modern for Moscow Mules, Daiquiri’s Mai Tai & more!

Rainbow Cocktail Stirrers

Perfect for prettying up your home bar, these rainbow cocktail stirrers are made from handblown glass in the UK. Each one shiny and unique for the perfect finish on your delicate home cocktails – stirred not shaken!!

etsy glass cocktail stirrers
  • Set of 6 x 18cm (7″)
  • Made in UK – ships internationally
  • Image by GlassbyDebbie

Best cocktail gifts for your home bar

Finish off you cocktail-lover wish list with these superb pieces of practical and pretty décor.

Vintage Cocktail Recipes Signboard

A perfect addition to any home bar – this will have our amateur mixologist raging with the most popular cocktails all clearly set out. These vintage signs come in three different sizes to suit your available space.

  • Dimensions: Small 20x15cm, Medium 30x20cm & Large 40x30cm
  • Made in the UK
  • Image by RoadKnightsOnline

Cocktail Engraved Coasters

A fun and attractive addition to any home bar, these engraved slate cocktail coasters will make a great gift for your cocktail-lover and provide plenty of talking points – as well as handy for picking out the ingredients for your next drink!

slate cocktail drink coasters with recipes etched in on Etsy
  • Dimensions 4″ x 4″
  • Made in USA – ships internationally
  • Image by FuzzyLoonDesigns

Personalised Bar Runner

That finishing touch to a home bar – make it your own with a personalised runner mat. This machine-washable cocktail mat really finished off your cocktail maker’s special space in the home.

  • Dimensions 45cm x 25cm
  • Made in the UK – ships internationally
  • Image by BangTidyClothes

We hope you’ve found something here to inspire your gift hunt for that incredible cocktail-loving lady in your life.

Looking for more unique drink-related gifts? Hop on over to our Christmas gift guides, we’ve got plenty more ideas for enjoying your favourite sips in a fun & unique way!

Mama Loves A Drink advocates quality over quantity. Always drink responsibly!

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