Easy-to-Make Mother’s Day Mocktails

by Mama Loves A Drink

Mother’s Day mocktails are the perfect way to celebrate such a special day. You see lots of different cocktail recipes but if your mama (or you!) don’t drink, those cocktails aren’t going to be a great way to celebrate her.

When you want something special to celebrate mom, without any alcohol, these Mother’s Day mocktails will be the perfect way to do so. You can enjoy these mocktails at your Mother’s Day brunch or lunch.

Each of these mocktails has its own special flavors and finishing touches to make sure you’re still sipping something special this Spring. Let’s take a look at all the best Mother’s Day mocktails!

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Collage f images of mocktail drinks  - 18 Fun and Creative Mothers Day Mocktails

Mother's Day Mocktails

Make your Mama's Day special with one of these magical mocktails to share this Mother's Day. Easy to make at home with step-by-step instructions to help you put together a perfect and memorable Mother's Day treat.

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Looking for more mocktail ideas?

Whether you’re expecting and want to enjoy your favorite drinks without the booze, or you simply prefer to drink dry, we have a mocktail recipe to suit you.

Some of the most popular holiday ideas include:

Or if you’d still like a little splash of lovely bubbly or simple spirits for your family Mothers Day celebrations, we have a great guide over here to Mother’s Day Cocktails.

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