Perfect Gifts for Coffee Lovers

by Mama Loves A Drink

There is only one thing that can make coffee even more delicious than it already is: the right coffee gear!

Beautiful coffee gear complements the coffee experience and makes for gorgeous gifts. From household coffee essentials to stocking fillers, this is our guide to the best gifts for coffee lovers.

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Italian stovetop coffee maker

An Italian stovetop coffee maker is the coffee must have in any Italian household and a great present for lovers of Italian coffee.

Easy to use, maintain and pretty much indestructible once you know how to care for it, an Italian stovetop coffee maker is a beautiful object, makes excellent coffee and also comes at a reasonable price point.

While an Italian stovetop coffee maker is pretty much indestructible, it gaskets can get ruined. However, the gasket is easy to change and doesn’t cost much: a small number of spares is a nice addition to your gift and will guarantee a much longer life to the stovetop moka you are gifting.

Italian espresso machine

If you are looking for a bigger gifts, such as a wedding present or a significant house warming gift, then you may want to gift a proper bar-style espresso coffee machines.

Espresso machines come in all shape and sizes and, when you choosing, you have a few things to look out for: the size of the machine itself, the number of cups it can make at the same time and the type of coffee it takes.

You can find our complete guide to choosing an amazing Italian espresso machine for home here.

Nespresso machine and pods

Nespresso makes the list of great gifts for coffee lovers thanks to the huge number of coffee varieties and flavors available under the Nespresso umbrella, a variety so significant, it hard for coffee lovers not to find at least one they truly enjoy.

This is why a Nespresso coffee machine is a great present for people who love to drink coffee.

You can choose between different sizes and varieties and you can also add a little extra: a tasting tray of pods or a Nespresso subscription, so that your loved one never runs out of their favourite potion!

Milk frother

If you are looking for a gift for cappuccino lovers, then a milk frother may be just the thing!

A milk frother is a small device that turns a simple glass of milk into a lovely frothy cream you can add to your coffee, in small amount for a macchiato or larger for a full cappuccino.

Milk frothers come in all shapes and sizes and some can be pretty stylish and make a nice addition to a coffee lover kitchen

Espresso cups

Coffee lovers tend to be fussy about their coffee cups, a little like wine lovers are fussy about having the right glass for the right wine and indeed, the right container can truly make a difference to the taste of the coffee and the overall coffee experience. Designated, beautiful coffee cups can, therefore, be a beautiful gifts for coffee lovers and you have many to choose from, thanks to endless designs and style available.

Heat resistant espresso glasses

Caffe’ al vetro (coffee in a glass cup) is a popular order in Italian bars and an easy one to recreate at home, if you have the right gear.

While a normal glass will crack with the heat of the coffee, purpose built espresso glass mugs will showcase the beautiful colour of your brew, maintain the taste intact and prevent both the glass and your hands getting damaged by the heat. If you are buying for someone who loved their caffe al vetro, then a set of glass espresso cups can be a wonderful present.

Coffee bean grinder

If you are buying for a coffee connoisseur or someone who loves to truly taste ther coffee in all the possible nouances of flavor, then a coffee bean grinder is a great choice. Using whole beans to make coffee and grind your own allows you yo get the freshest coffee possible and help preserves its taste and this makes it the method of choice of the most savvy coffee drinkers.

However, grinding your own coffee takes time so a good coffee grinder that makes the process smooth and doesn’t damage the flavor of the beans is a must have!

This is one of the most unique gifts for coffee drinkers who want to bring your coffee passion to the next level.

Sealed ground coffee container

Air and moisture are big enemies but all it takes to keep them at bay is a good sealed ground coffee containers. The best ones come with a good quality lid with gasket suitable to keep the air out.

Turkish coffee set

If you are buying for a friend who loves Turkish coffee or who is back from Turkey and simply cannot stop raving about it, then a Turkish coffee set is just the ticket!

A stylish, not overly expensive yet impressive gift, this is a perfect gift idea for coffee connoisseurs.

Portable espresso machine

A portable espresso machine is the perfect gift for the coffee lover on the go. When you are travelling for leisure or work, you may not always have access to decent coffee and this portable machine becomes you best friend.

For a complete gift set, make sure you add their favourite coffee so they are ready to go!

French press coffee maker

A French coffee maker makes a lovely present for lovers of filtered coffee and is a handy present especially for people who like to entertain: with a coffee plunger making coffee for a crowd is done in a matter of minutes and the satisfaction guaranteed.

A supply of their favorite type of coffee beans

Real coffee connoisseurs have their own favourite brand of coffee or coffee beans but their taste often come at a price: nice beans can be expensive!

This is also why they make such a nice gift: just make sure you know the variety they prefer or opt for a well known high quality brand such as Illy.

Demitasse spoons

Demitasse spoons are small spoons perfect for cocktails, mini desserts and espresso cups and can be a lovely gift for the espresso drinker in your life!

Coffee lover necklace

Looking for something a little different? Then opt for a cute piece of jewellery: you can opt for a coffee bean shaped pendant or opt for this fun in the shape of the caffeine molecule! Truly unique!

Charm bracelet

Staying with the theme of jewellery, coffee has also inspired some cute charms that make the perfect gift for women who love coffee and pretty things!

Coffee atlas of the world

For the coffee drinker who wants to know absolutely everything about coffee, the World Atlas of Coffee can be a great gift. Inside, they will find interesting facts and stories about coffee that will make the joy of the coffee nerd in your life.

Coffee chart poster

The perfect addition to a coffee corner, this vintage coffee poster is the perfect gift for those with a dedicated space for their caffeinated ritual!

Want more gift ideas?

Coffee-lovers should head over next to the coffee section of our website for fun coffee facts along with mocktail and cocktail recipes with coffee as their superstar ingredient!

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