Hauntingly Beautiful Halloween Cocktails

by Mama Loves A Drink

Halloween cocktails are one of the most enjoyable and easy ways to add a touch of fun and atmosphere to your Halloween party.

Dry ice cocktails, spooky glass toppers and themed Halloween glassware all contribute to the perfect party spread and in terms of recipes, you also have many to choose from!

What we love about this season is there are simply so many fun and colourful concoctions.

The limit really is only your imagination. Colours can be played with, smoky effects and down to the glass you serve your cocktails in all add to the fun of the party.

Whether you are looking for a fun presentation for your favourite cocktail or a Halloween cocktails recipe to try this season, you will love the recipes we have gathered for you today.

Looking for something the kids can enjoy too? Head over to our non-alcoholic Halloween Mocktails selection.

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Important tools you will need for Halloween Recipes

To make your Halloween cocktails truly stand out, you need the right tools for making and presenting them.

We’ve included a great cross-section of ideas for you here from party punch share bowls to delicately layered shots and some smoking creations. There are a few basics we’d suggest equipping your cocktail bar with in addition to these great Halloween Cocktails recipes:

  • Colorful and fun Halloween-themed paper straws
  • Additional test tubes and syringes for fun ways to add some colour and potency to your drinks
  • Table toppers and glass motifs in a Halloween theme
  • And a spider, rat, skull or eyeball or two will always enhance your theme (just make it clear when something is edible or not, no choking hazards!)

And don’t forget to add some fun Halloween glassware and table decorations!

You can find our complete guide to cocktail bar essentials over here.

Halloween Cocktails

Bubbly, delicious and scarily beautiful cocktail creations. It's easy to see why Halloween is one of the most loved holiday's for cocktail makers! From group-sized punch bowls to delicately layered shooters, a fabulous selection of Halloween cocktails to try at your next spooktacular soiree!

Prefer a wine for Halloween?

If you’ve had enough of the cocktails we have put together for you our top picks for the perfect wines to compliment Halloween Candy. Yes wine and candy matching is a thing!

See what salty, sweet and fruity combinations we’ve come up with, a fabulous way to finish off a night of trick or treating.

Non-alcoholic Halloween Drinks

If you’re looking to provide a bit more variety at your Halloween party, catering to the kids as well as the non-drinkers, make sure you check out these scarily good Halloween Mocktails.

And for the perfect accompaniment, have a good at our super simple charcuterie ideas.

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