What is a flat white coffee?

by Mama Loves A Drink

It’s time to spread a little limelight on this Aussie favourite -so popular that now even Starbucks has it on their menu!

So what exactly is a Flat White?

You need to start with the Espresso. Most likely a double Espresso (or lets be frank, where is the joy, right? )

Latte vs Flat White

What is the difference between a flat white and a latte?

Both are milky drinks but here’s the subtle difference your barista needs to understand.

Your espresso either single or double microfoam is steamed milk with fine bubbles and velvety consistency. It is strong and milky.

Cafe Latte is literally “milk coffee” – it is made with Espresso topped with steamed milk, not microfoam. A very thin layer of foam is added to top it off.

The flat white may taste a tiny bit stronger but they both have the same amount of Espresso, it’s just the Latte is slightly more diluted and a slightly larger drink.

So as simple as that!

Variations on a Flat White

Like to spice of your Flat White? Because all our favourite coffees can be spruced up. Here’s our favourite coffee made into an evening favourite!

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