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Glasses of red wine and coffee with beauitful terrcotta rood tops

Time is a precious commodity when you are a mum so, if we are going to take time for a drink, we want it to be a good one.

Whether it’s your favourite Nespresso wake me up or favourite glass with dinner we love talking all things drinks at home, and around the world.

Who we are

What happens when two Mamas meet through our mutual love of travel and share a bottle of wine? A perfect pairing!

Marta Correale & Keri Hedrick, founders of Mama Loves a Drink

Meet Marta & Keri – founders and Chief Mamas at Mama Loves a Drink.

While pursuing their writing careers, and sharing online projects including Little City Trips family travel guides and Podcast with the incredible Marianne Rogerson (from Mama Loves to Cook & Mum on the Move), Marta & Keri decided to stir things up sharing everything from favourite rooftop bars to wine tasting tips.

While fiercely passionate about travelling with kids, our online chat often drifted off to stories about great wineries we got to enjoy as a family, or fabulous little spots for sunset drinks we encountered on our travels.

So one night, over a glass of New Zealand Sav Blanc we decided to take this chat to the next level an open up a website just for that type of drink talk: a mum’s take on wine time (and juice time, beer time or coffee time!).

Being a mum impacts the way we travel and the way we enjoy our drinks but doesn’t stop us from enjoying any of our passions: it has simply given a slightly different shape to it! We have incorporated many of these drinking experiences in our travel writing over the years, but felt the topic needed its own special spot on the internet and so Mama Loves a Drink was born.

You can learn more about Keri & Marta here.

What to explore on our site

We have pulled together for you a huge collection of beverage guides including:

We also encourage you to join the party on social media too. Share a giggle with us, be inspired and put some fun in back into your daily Facebook feed here.

And if you’re looking for more recipes and pairing ideas, pop on over and follow us on Pinterest. We are curating new ideas daily and sharing inspiration from all our favourite bevvie bloggers & experts.

Remember it’s quality over quantityAlways drink responsibly!

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