Meet the Mamas – Marta & Keri

by Mama Loves A Drink

Hello! And welcome to our little corner of the internet where we can share our favourite things about…. drinking! Don’t worry we are not raging alcoholics (usually) here’s a little more about us…..

Marta Correale

Marta Correale Writer & Co-Editor of Mama Loves A Drink

Mama of 2, classics graduate and Italian ex-pat in Ireland, Marta is the founder and creative content creator of the successful family travel websites Learning Escapes and Little City trips, as well as the specialized travel website Mama Loves Rome, an online travel guide to her wonderful hometown Rome, Italy.

Passionate about travel and cultural tourism, Marta has lived in Italy, Brussels and Ireland and loves to travel the world with her husband and kids and tap into the local culture no matter where they are.

Tasting the local drinks, may they be juice Sicily, beer in Belgium or wine in California is part of their travel experience and often a highlight: this site is where she gets to tell you about it!

You can follow along with Marta at Learning Escapes and Mama Loves Rome

You can find Marta’s Article archive here.

Keri Hedrick

Keri Hedrick Writer & Co-Editor of Mama Loves A Drink

Keri is an online editor and creative content specialist behind many travel websites including Family Travel Middle East, Little City Trips & Dubai Travel Planner.

Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia and spending much of her former career as a Corporate Insolvency accountant in London, Keri now resides with her husband and three children in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

You can follow Keri on her personal blog Our Globetrotters

You can find Keri’s article archive here.

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