Non-Alcoholic Mojito Mocktail Recipe

by Mama Loves A Drink

A perfect summer mocktail with the refreshing lime and mint.

I still remember the first time I tasted a real moijito. It was a hot summer evening and that refreshing concoction of mint, ice and rum was just perfect to take away the stress of the day and make the summer temperature more bearable.

Since then, I have been a fan of mojito and not only in its original alcohol version. I am also a fan of nonalcoholic version of the drink, which exists in several varieties and guided.

They all have in common two things that I find so appealing about te moijito: the transparent liquid and the fresh mint leaves that make the drink look summery and sofisticated.

This is one easy to make non-alcoholic mojito cocktail recipe, perfect for a summer evening, a pool party or entertaining friends.

tall glass with transparent liquid, lime and fresh mint leaves

Non-alcoholic mojito mocktail: what you need

To make this mojito mocktail you will need:

Sturdy Glass – traditional mojito is served in a Cuban highball glass, which looks like a tall tumbler. You can use this type of glass for your mocktail mojito too or you can also use a sturdy, tall water glass that can hold the mint cutting.

A muddler – to crush your fresh mint

A cocktail spoon or stirrer – to mix your drink

An ice blender – to crush your ice

How to serve your mojito mocktail

A mojito mocktail can look really sofisticated and the best way to achieve this look is to have fresh ingredients at hand.

A stem of fresh mint, delicately aded to the glass as it it was a flower in a vase is the most distinctive trait of any mojito (alcoholic and not) and you can also add thin lime slices, that work both as a lovely decoration and an addition to the summery taste of this drink and a green biodegradable straw in green tones to complete the look.

Non alcoholic mojito mocktail

Non alcoholic mojito mocktail

Non alcoholic twist to a classic mojito, a refreshing mocktail that needs no alcohol to wow you!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 20ml lime juice
  • 200ml tonic water
  • 2 teaspoons of cane sugar
  • Fresh mint
  • Ice
  • Lime slices


Put into a tall, sturdy glass the fresh mint leaves (washed) and the sugar

Muddle the mint so it starts getting crushed

Add the lime juice and pound the mint a little more

Add finely crushed ice, then top up with tonic water.

Add fresh min leaves and thin slices of lime to decorate and serve immediately.

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