5 Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Mojito

by Mama Loves A Drink

A mojito is one of the most popular rum cocktail.

Originally from Cuba, its story is said to date back to the 1600 and its popularity seems to only have grown over time.

Bringing to the table a mix of citrus-y flavour, refreshing mint, just the right amount of sugar and the kick of the rum, it is hard to to like mojito and maybe this is why over time, variations have cropped up that maintain the spirit of the original drink but add extra flavors to allow mojito lovers to get some variety without ever having to betray their favourite drink.

Out of the several in existence, these are out favorite mojito variations.

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5 delicious ways to enjoy your mojito

How do you like your mojito? Explore mojito variations in this roundup of mojito cocktail recipes from classic presentation to alcohol free mocktail, via the addition of delicous seasonal fruit, you have mojito cocktails for all seasons

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