Strawberry Mocktail Recipe: Delicious Alcohol-Free Strawberry Cocktail for Summer

by Mama Loves A Drink

Strawberry mocktail recipe. Learn how to make a delicious, refreshing, sweet strawberry drink perfect for a summer party. A non alcoholic cocktail for strawberry lovers.

A Martini glass makes any drink look sophisticated and elegant and elegance is sophistication is just what exudes this wonderful pink mocktail made withg strawberry and tonic water.

This mocktail looks a little like a thick Cosmopolitan but it is alcohol-free and full of the delicious summer flavor of fresh strawberries, enhanced by a touch of lemon and fresh mint.

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Glass with strawberry drink and text: alcohol free strawberry mocktail recipe

What do you need to make this strawberry mocktail

A sharp knife – to chop your strawberries

A glass or porcelain container– to marinate your strawberries

A shaker – for mixing your concoction

A cocktail skewer – for adding a decorative fresh strawberry to your finished mocktail

How to make this simple alcohol-free strawberry cocktail

Wash your fresh strawberries, then use a sharp knife to cut off their stem.

Set two aside, and slice all the others into small chunks. Pur your chopped strawberries into a bowl, add lemon and sugar, cover with cling film and let them marinate (about 30 mins).

Once macerated, move them into a shaker, add tonic water and ice and shake well.

Pour into a martini glass (use a strainer if you prefer a thinner consistency), then use the two strawberries you saved as decoration. Add fresh mint leaves as an extra garnish.

Top tip: for an extra touch, you can rim your glass with sugar and make it look even more curated!

Strawberry mocktail recipe

Strawberry mocktail recipe

A delicious, refreshing, sweet strawberry drink perfect for a summer party. A non alcoholic cocktail for strawberry lovers

Prep Time 2 minutes
Additional Time 30 minutes
Total Time 32 minutes


  • 200gr fresh strawberries
  • 3 teaspoons of sugar
  • The juice of one lemon
  • 20ml tonic water
  • Ice
  • Fresh mint leaves for decoration


  1. Wash and chop the strawberries, then leave to marinate in lemon and sugar for about 30 mins
  2. Once macerated, move into a shaker then add tonic water and ice
  3. Shake really well and serve into a martini glass, with an extra strawberry as decoration and fresh mint leaves for a dash of colour

Looking for more refreshing non-alcoholic summer mocktails? Head over to over magical mocktails home page for more ideas.

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