All Our Favourite Thermomix Cocktail Recipes (With Printable Guides)

by Keri Hedrick

My first Thermomix demonstration involved the creation of a virgin mojito. And I’ll admit, I was instantly hooked; I ordered my Thermomix that evening!

Whilst it’s certainly pounded out more baby purees, soups and cakes over the years, my Thermomix’s pride and joy on my kitchen bench is when I bring it out on cocktail night.

It is perfect for making any frozen drinks as the blades efficiently cut through the ice in seconds and you have complete control over the icy consistency – thought it takes a little practise to get the consistency right for your taste.

This is a collection of our favourite cocktail creations we have made in the Thermomix over the past few years – we hope you will have as much fun as we do coming up with these colourful creations.

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A collection of 4 cocktail images with text overlay our favourite Thermomix Cocktails

Thermomix Cocktail

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