Essential Tools For Juicing At Home For The Perfect Juicing Corner

by Mama Loves A Drink

Nothing beats the taste and pick-me-up power of a freshly made juice and juices made at home with fresh produce you love are the best of all.

Making your own juice gives you total control on what actually goes in your glass, allows you to tweak the taste to your liking and, in the long run, also makes you save money.

While setting up your juicing corner will require some initial spending, an avid juicer will quickly make this money back and if you have more than one juice drinker in the family, then that investment will pay itself back in no time!

These are the essential tools for juicing and some nice to have that will make you homemade juices and smoothies tasty, packed with nutrients and as luxurious as the ones you’d get from a juice bar.

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Essential tools for juicing and nice to have

A masticating juicer

A masticating juicer is the type of juicer you see in good quality juice bars.

Unlike centrifugal juicers, which create heat as they juice your produce, masticating juicers use mechanical means to crush the pulp of fruit and vegetables to extract the juice. This results in minimal disruption of the composition of the produce, which this way maintains most of its nutrients, and also makes your juicer less noisy and blade-free – a definite plus in terms of safety.

Good masticating juicers are able to quickly make juice out of fruit and even hard vegetables such as carrots: this makes them the best choice if you want to have the freedom of making many types of juices, mix up your nutrient intake and cater to different taste in the household.

The masticating juicer we currently recommend is called Omega J8006HDS

A cleaning brush

Cleaning the juicer is the most annoying part of juice making but simple things such as a cleaning brush go a long way to make the process smooth and easy.

Cleaning brushes are inexpensive and they work much better than sponges and scourers to get rid of the smaller residues on the blade/screw. For the best results, always clean your juices with hot soapy water straight after use and dry immediately.

A sharp knife

When juicing, some fruit and vegetable prep is usually necessary and a sharp knife for peeling and chopping is essential. When choosing one, make sure you get the specific type for produce: you want your knife to have a smooth blade (not ridged, like you would use for bread) and big enough not to strain your hand.

When choosing a good knife for juicing, make also sure you pick one with non slip handle and check how to car for it.

We have done all the research for you and our pick fell on Kuhn Rikon knife, which also have their own sharpener (sold separately)

A cutting board

Chances are you already have a cutting board at home, however, there are reasons to get a cutting board just for your juices at least, one that you know will never see meat, fish or other potentially contaminating foods.

Since your fruit and vegetables will get in the juicer raw, it is paramount that they are not contaminated by harmful bacteria coming from fruit meant for cooking and washing an all-purpose chopping board of often simply not enough.

A chopping board just for your juicing endeavours is an inexpensive and useful addition to your kitchen.

Apple and pineapple corer

You don’t really need specialized tools to core and apple or a pineapple but there is not doubt that they make your chopping task easy!

Vacuum juice containers

Vacuum juice containers are essential for when you make more juice than you can consume straight away. When you have a juice in a jug or even in a container with a lid, the juice is in contact with air and this starts a process of oxidation, which alters the composition of the juice, and also runs the risk of germ contamination.

Vacuum juice containers take the air away and therefore help your juices to stay safe for longer. Please remember that, no matter the container, juices are best consumes witing 24-48 hours and only if properly stored.

Big juice cups

You can drink juice in any glass or mug, however, having your own juice glass, ideally stored without your juicier, will make the process easier and add that touch of luxury that you may miss if used to getting juice from the shop.

Environmentally friendly straws

To make your juice moment even more fun, you can also add a straw: make it environmentally friendly choosing a reusable or recyclable one.

Want to learn more about juicing at home? Pop on over to the Rejuvenating Juices section of our website for healthy juicing recipes to try at home.

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