Nationan and International Wine Days to Celebrate in 2023/24

by Mama Loves A Drink

A list of national and international wine days to celebrate with your favourite label!

Like we ever really need an excuse to crack open a cork, right?

OK, so they’re not all “official” holidays, and “national” largely refers to the USA, but I don’t think we really need an excuse to enjoy a fine wine, right? In fact, many national events have been transformed in the last decade to worldwide celebrations of our favourite grapes.

Check out this collection of wine appreciation days all occasional sippers and wine connoisseurs should mark in their calendar.

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Wine Days in January

  • 27 January International Port Day (Portugal and International)

Also, don’t forget this is also Ginuary – not a wine but it counts, right?

Wine Days in February

  • 18 February National Drink Wine Day (fixed date) (USA)
  • 26 February Open that Bottle Night (Last Saturday in February) (USA)

Wine Days in March

  • 3 March National Mulled Wine Day (fixed date) (USA)

Wine Days in April

  • 17 April National Malbec Day (fixed date) (USA)

Wine Days in May

  • 4 May International Sauvignon Blanc Day (First Friday in May) #SauvBlancDay
  • 9 May National Muscato Day (fixed Date) (USA)
  • 23 May International Chardonnay Day (Thursday before Memorial Day)
  • 25 May World Wine Day (fixed date)

Wine Days in June

  • 18 June Drink Chenin Blanc Day (TBC for 2022)
  • 21 June World Lambrusco Day (fixed dates)
  • 12 June International Rosé Day (many variants have been suggested on this date – see also 26 June!)

Wine Days in July

  • 25 July National Cheese and Wine Day (fixed date)

Wine Days in August

  • 4 August National White Wine Day (fixed date) (USA)
  • 18 August International Pinot Noir Day (fixed date)
  • 28 August National Red Wine Day (fixed date)(USA)
  • 29 August International Cabernet Day (Thursday before Labor Day) #CabernetDay

Wine Days in September

  • 20 September International Grenache Day (3rd Friday in September) #GrenacheDay

Wine Days in October

  • 1 October World Sake Day (fixed date)
  • 14 October 2023 / 12 October 2024 International Pinotage Day (2nd Saturday in October)
  • 22 October World Champagne Day #ChampagneDay

Wine Days in November

  • 7 November International Merlot Day (fixed date)
  • 9 November 2023 / 8 November 2024 International Tempranillo Day (2nd Thursday in November) #tempranilloday
  • 15 November 2023 / 20 November 2024 National Zinfandel Day (3rd Wednesday in November) (USA)
  • 16 November 2023/ 21 November 2024 Beaujolais Nouveau Day (3rd Thursday in November) (France)

Wine Days in December

  • 4 December Cabernet Franc Day (fixed date) #cabfrancday
  • 20 December National Sangria Day (fixed date) (USA)
  • 31 December International Champagne Day #champagneday

Who makes these wine days up?

Good question! Most are started by wine industry advocates and die-hard fans, largely within the last decade as social media influence has taken a hold. The aim is largely to raise national and global awareness around particular grapes.

What’s the difference between wine days?

Some are clear cut like black and white (well, red & white), and focused on particular grapes. And on a few occasions there are National Days at odds with “World” or International Days, such as Champagne Day.

Then there are some pretty similar sounding days with different goals, such as National (is it now World?) Drink Wine Day on 18 February and National Wine Day on 25 May which is more about the wine itself – but let’s be honest you are welcome to appreciate any of these wines on any day you want!

Think we have missed any? Let us know in the comments below!

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